University ‘Welsh Bygones and Antiquities’

The Museum was originally a mixed subject museum whose collections reflected the subjects being taught at the university. This included zoology, geology and botany as well as Welsh history. As part of the college, it was enthusiastically supported by the local community. In 1894 the hand bill illustrated below was printed. The University continued to run the Museum until 1989. Until then they provided accommodation, financial support and the people who developed and nurtured the collection. Today the responsibility of the Museum is shared between the University and Gwynedd Council.

Handbill UCNW Museum, 1894

Opening ceremony of UCNW, Bangor at the the Penrhyn Arms, 1884

Opening of UCNW, Bangor, procession of trades, 1884

UCNW building, College Road, opened in 1911