UCNW blazer

Blazers such as these were often used by University sports teams during the early days of UCNW. Blazers originated from the time when Oxford and Cambridge University students used them for rowing to keep them warm. They had bright colours and stripes so spectators could recognise their team. It was one of the early jackets – the “blazing red” coats of Lady Margaret Boat Club, Cambridge – that provided the name “blazer”. The use of blazers extended to University sporting teams wearing them as warmup jackets and then wearing them casually at social events. Eventually they were used in general and not just by sports teams.

This blazer was worn by Joan Davies (née Ayrton) as a member of the 1st women’s hockey team at UCNW in 1936-40. Team players were referred to as ‘Tiger Tims’.

Bangor University has a rich history of sport and is one of the founding 10 members of BUCS (British University & Colleges Sport). It has competed nationwide for over 100 years. This blazer is currently on display in the community case at Storiel to commemorate 100 years of BUCS sport and 40 years of the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences.