This oak settle was made by Richard Davids from Caernarfon between 1889-1894. It was made as a gift for Sir William Preece, a pioneer of wireless technology, using discarded screens and carvings from old churches, houses and inns from the Caernarfon area. Richard Davids, who was an old school friend of Sir William Preece, left notes and a diagram of where the pieces came from. He used pieces from as many different sites as possible, which may have had personal memories and associations.

The top and bottom back rails, the legs, seat and front rail under the seat are from Cefnycoed. The back’s gothic top panel, middle rail and 2 of the horizontal joining pieces are from Llanllyfni Church. The others are from Boduan Church, Plas Puleston, Caernarfon and the Old England Public House Caernarfon. The 2 outside panels of the back are from old chests from Boduan, the 2 inside panels from old chests from the north of England. The arm rests are from the church at Beddgelert, the lower rails under the seat are from Ty Isa, near Waenfawr, and a farmhouse near Llanddeiniolen and other fragments are from old houses in Caernarfon and dowels and pins from Llanbeblig Church roof. There are even pieces supposedly let into the top panel from Prince Llywelyn’s bedstead.

The settle is going to be displayed in ‘New Again’, a temporary exhibition at Storiel starting in November 2018.