Object Donation

We do continue to develop our collections here at STORIEL. If you think you have something you would like to donate to the museum, please get in touch with our Collections Officer.

Whilst we greatly appreciate offers of material, please be aware that we cannot accept everything offered to us.  Please don’t be offended if we turn you down – we will try to help you to find the most suitable home for your donation. We only accept donations or short term loans for temporary exhibitions.  We do not accept deposits or long-term loans.  We kindly ask that items are not brought into the museum or posted without prior consultation with the Collections Officer.

What we do collect

Artefacts with a link to Gwynedd and its people

Archaeological material relating to Gwynedd. We work with Gwynedd Archaeological Trust’s Portable Antiquities Scheme  so that the item can be recorded on the Historic Environment Record. If the item is part of Treasure Trove, you can find more advice here.

What we do not collect

Any archive material such as documents, photographs, letters, programmes, books. We refer archive material to the Gwynedd Archives Service.

Artefacts if we already have several similar items in our collection, unless it is of special significance

Artefacts that do not have a contextual story to them

Artefacts that are in very poor condition

Artefacts where proof of ownership is unclear

For more detailed information about what we do and do not collect, please read our Collections Development Policy.