Ffynnon Cegin Arthur

Bottle of water from King Arthur’s Well, Llanddeiniolen. A Caernarfon based company KANSCO, King Arthur’s Natural Springs Company, was set up to bottle and to distribute the water from the chalybeate spring near Penisarwaen. This is one of a few surviving bottles. The water of Ffynnon Cegin Arthur was known for its restorative properties since at least the 16th century. Thomas Pennant visited the well in the 18th century and with the coming of the rail and tourism, and the publication of a booklet by a local doctor in the mid-1800s about the healing properties of the water, the spring did enjoy a brief period of fame. The water was said to be high in iron, lime, magnesium, sodium and nitrogen content, with an oily taste. Directions on the reverse of the bottle suggest taking a “wineglass 3 times a day”.