Duffle Coat

This duffle coat, made from thick felted wool, was used by Michael Wyn (1917-1998) known as ‘Micky Wynn’, the 7th Baron Lord Newborough, during the Second World War. He was a decorated war hero and Colditz inmate. In 1942 he played a decisive role in Operation Chariot, a spectacular and daring sea bourne raid on the port at St Nazaire, during which he was captured by the Germans.

Born the eldest son of Sir Robert Vaughan Wynn, 6th Baron Newborough, he was educated at Oundle school. He served in the British Army (1935-40) and the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (1941-46) during and before the Second World War.

After the war he returned to farming and became the High Sheriff of Merionethshire in 1963. He succeeded his father as Lord Newborough in 1965. In 1971, he sold Bardsey Island to the Bardsey Island Trust. Glynllifon estate belonged to the Lords Newborough before it was sold in the 1950s.

The first duffle coats were produced by John Partridge, manufacturer of outwear clothing in the 1850s. It was used by the Navy and the military during the Second World War as it provided protection against harsh weather without restricting movement. Men of any rank could wear the same jacket.

This item can be seen in the COLLECT AND KEEP exhibition at STORIEL until 31 December, 2021.