Zoology Collection

The Zoology Collection consists of approximately 40,000 specimens, approximately 500 of which are on display in the Natural History Museum, Brambell Building. The Zoology Collection began as a teaching resource, and is still used as such today. This fascinating collection is an inspiration to the University and to the wider community.

The collection includes full skeletons, skulls, taxidermy, antlers, eggs and specimens preserved in spirit jars. Highlights include the Irish elk antlers, which are approximately 7500 year old, the skeleton of a Tasmanian devil, a two headed lamb, a collection of New Zealand birds and a Galapagos tortoise. Some of the species on display are now endangered, such as the kakapo from New Zealand.

The Natural History Museum is not open to members of the public on a regular basis, but occasional open days are organised to provide access.

Groups and schools are able to book visits on request, and it is accessible on University Open Days.