About Herbarium Collection

The Herbarium contains over 30,000 dried and pressed plant specimens, along with algae, spirit and carpological collections. The collection contains specimens from all over the world, is considered to be one of the top 15 in the UK and is especially important in Wales.

A significant proportion of the collection dates to the 1800s and the earliest specimen dates to 1799. Collectors of note include William and Joseph Hooker (Kew), George Forrest (Edinburgh), the Welsh botanists Evan Roberts and Lloyd Williams as well as notable botanists from Bangor University itself, including Professors Reginald W. Phillips, David Thoday and Paul Richards. Most of the world’s major vegetation zones are represented, with an emphasis on British native species and an excellent representation of the flora of North Wales. Highlights include the Ynys Enlli/Bardsey Island Collection and scarce local plants such as the Snowdon Lily (Gagea serotina) and the Anglesey endemic Spathulate Fleawort (Tephroseris integrifolia ssp. maritima).

The Herbarium is located next to the Natural History Museum in Brambell Building. Brambell Natural History Museum is not open to members of the public on a regular basis, but occasional open days are organised to provide access.

The ongoing Herbarium Digitisation Project, funded by the Bangor Fund, will eventually produce an online bilingual catalogue of high-quality digital images of each specimen.